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What is the Naval Postgraduate School?

While it is a question simply answered by the institution’s mission, NPS encompasses far more than a single statement can capture.

The Naval Postgraduate School is a United States Navy institution, a graduate university, a collective of expert faculty, a professional student body, and a hub of defense-driven research. It is unique and relevant, collegial and strategic, innovative and adaptable. Like any institution, communicating all that is NPS can only be achieved by a collective approach driven by a single concept … the university brand.

Maintaining consistent and appropriate usage is paramount to the success of any brand. While the university is broad and diverse, its presentation to the world must not be. Across all departments and disciplines, adherence to the brand represents the core characteristics of the institution, building value for the individual units. In turn, the excellence of singular efforts across all of campus re-enforces the character of the institution, and its promise to the United States Navy, Department of Defense, and all sponsors and constituents.


Strategic, Purposeful Communications

Strategic communication is a critical component to any successful organization, requiring the commitment of all personnel across the university. Defining the value of NPS is the responsibility of the entire campus, but it does not constrict each component of the campus from expressing its own distinct value and individual worth.

At the heart of any communications process lies a desired message, effect or end state — in the simplest of terms, a goal. The utilization of words, images, communications products and techniques, grounded in a consistent collection of core ideas, helps an organization achieve both its short- and long-term strategic communication goals. This does not require all communications products be the same … rather, the differences can be striking. There is, however, a requirement for a foundational consistency and coherence to the communication, and it is critical in achieving organizational unity.

Adherence to the guidelines established within this guide, approved by the NPS Office of University Communications Officer, create a uniform message and visual identity for the entire organization. To maintain this cohesive brand and enhance recognition worldwide, all communications — brochures, newsletters, websites, videos, presentations, reports, briefings, letterheads and more — should be consistent in their visual approach.

Like any organization, the successful achievement of institutional goals requires a cohesive, collaborative approach. The importance of consistency across online and print communications is vital to the way we communicate with the Navy, Department of Defense, and with academic and industry partners.