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What do you do if you get a traffic/parking citation?

Individuals who are cited for traffic and parking violations at local federal properties generally have three options. They may:

  1. Pay the fine in full before their court date,
  2. appear in court, or
  3. contact the Special Assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA) to protest the ticket or indicate intent to plead no contest in advance of the court date.

Note, some citations require court appearance; the citation will indicate whether this is the case. Individuals who fail to take action on a ticket will be unable to register vehicles or renew licenses. Individuals may also lose their driving privileges on Monterey Peninsula Military Bases.

Payment: All payments must be made to the Central Violations Bureau in accordance with the instructions on the citation and on the CVB website: CVB must be receive payment within two weeks after issuance of the citation or CVB will send a Notice to Appear with a court date to the defendant.

Protests and No Contest: If you wish to discuss your citation with the SAUSA prior to the court date, you may do so by contacting the POC listed below. You may indicate you intent not to contest the ticket, in which case the SAUSA has the authority to request a reduced fine. You may also discuss why you believe the citation should not have been issued in the first place.

Insurance or registration citation: For citations issued for failure to provide proof of insurance or for not having a valid registration. You MUST provide:

1. Written proof the insured had insurance of their vehicle was registered on the date he/she was cited,
2. Written proof there has been no lapse in coverage or registration since the citation was issued.

POC: The point of contact for protest is Ms. Valeria Watkins, SAUSA paralegal, at (831) 242-7321 or Protest may be mailed to the SAUSA at: DLIFLC, 1336 Plummer Street, Building 275, Monterey, CA 93944 or faxed to (831)242-6392.

Please do not show up at Bldg 275 without a scheduled appointment. When you submit a protest, you are asking the prosecutor (the SAUSA) to consider reducing or dismissing your citation. Simply submitting a protest does not clear a citation, and it does not excuse you from your scheduled court appearance. Unless you receive notice from the SAUSA that your citation was reduced or dismissed, you must appear in court or pay in full.

Court: If the defendant chooses to appear in court, or has received a notice to appear in court, infraction hearings are held in the United States Bankruptcy court in Salinas. Court is generally held on the first Monday of every month. The Bankruptcy Court is located at 1000 S. Main Street in Salinas, California.

Pedestrian Turnstile

The pedestrian turnstile is open 24 hours a day. The turnstile requires a Common Access Card (CAC) programmed for turnstile use. Reprogramming of CAC cards for turnstile access is available at the Pass and ID office.


Please view campus map for parking locations. 

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